Why Are You Sending Me This Email? 3 X 3 Email Marketing Strategies


Your email inbox is filled to overflowing with unread messages.  Everyone’s is. And everyday we play the game of figuring out what to read and what to delete.  So, imagine how much it costs in wasted time and lost opportunities when that happens to your email campaigns!

Stop-email-blastingHow can you turn it around? For starters, don’t ask  “How?”,  ask “Why?” As in, “Why would someone read my message?”  “Because I want them to sell them stuff” is not a good reason. But it’s a great way for emails to get zapped by the delete key. That’s because, <tough love> nobody cares what you want.

1. Relevance

Successful email marketing means you’re sending offers and messages that matter to your recipient, not email blasting!

  • It’s the “This sounds interesting to me” aspect that gets your email noticed.
  • This requires a segmented database that, at the very least, separates recipients into high-level categories like prospect and customer. The more segmentation you can manage in your database, the more highly targeted and relevant your list becomes.
  • A Buy my whatever email to someone who just bought a whatever from you  isn’t just uninteresting, it makes your company look incompetent. <More tough love>

2. The Subject Line

Bland, unimaginative subjects like “Case Study” or “Targeted list” will find their way to the recycle bin. Do a great job crafting an email subject and the answer to “Why should someone open my email?” becomes “Because the subject is interesting,  I bet the message will be too.” You can:

  • make it intriguing:  “Are you fighting an uphill battle”? might get opens if people are curious. But opens don’t necessarily translate to action. It’s easier for a busy person to brush off an ambiguous subject as irrelevant.
  • be specific: ‘”Social CRM can be simple and inexpensive.” A focused subject may result in fewer opens, but that’s okay; the result may be  readers who are aligned to your specific message.
  • Get personal:  “Lorna, your blog can attract 1000 visitors a day”.  People notice their names!

3. Content

OK, you’ve gotten the readers attention with a great subject line. Don’t blow it with dull, vapid, or ambiguous content.

  • Don’t “bury the lead” in paragraph three. Open the email with the main point.
  • Be concise. That’s why the email gods invented landing pages – if you have more to say, say it there.
  • Make sure your offer (singular!) is clear. You have a reason for the email – don’t make your subscriber guess what it is.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective and successful digital marketing tools.  As long as the number of emails continues to grow, marketers need to continuously improve their tactics to rise above the clutter.



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