Sage ACT!: Export ACT Contacts to Excel


Sage ACT! has a nifty feature that let’s you export a list to Microsoft Excel. Here’s how:

  1. Look up the contact records you want to export
  2. ACT! displays them in the list view
  3. Adjust the list’s columns to display only the fields you need to export
  4. Click the Export to Excel Icon on the List view toolbar.

It’s that simple. Here’s a short video (1:30 minutes) that walks you through the steps.


Compatible versions of ACT! and MS office are, of course, necessary to complete this process. When you open the ACT! list view, if the Excel Icon is green, it’s enabled and you’re good to go. If it’s not, the versions are most likely out of compliance. If you’re not sure, check requirements here (look in the “works with” section).

 Sage ACT! 2012 system requirements

Sage ACT! 2011 system requirements

ACT! by Sage 2010 system requirements

ACT! by Sage 2009 system requirements

ACT! by Sage 2008 system requirements

ACT! by Sage 2007 system requirements

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