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Business and Leadership

How to lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Stop talking about social and do it

Social media? Just do it!

“Leadership” has changed when a decentralized group of people can take down a government. “The Value Chain” has changed when the customer is no longer just the “buyer” but also a co-creator. “Human Resources” have changed when most of the people who create value for your organization are . . . Read Do it

Sales and Selling

Selling as if people matter

Why you should give away the very thing you sell

Wisdom of giving

As content marketing gains momentum, we find that we’re not having to work quite as hard explaining the principles to prospective clients. But one objection does keep popping up that we thought would have died off by now: “Why should we give content away that tells people exactly how to do what we do? Won’t people just do it for themselves and cut us out of the picture?” Here’s how we address this understandable but misplaced concern . . . Why give away the thing you sell?

Ya’ Think?

From the On the verge blog


It’s about the content, stupid

If I read one more tweet, blog, article, or smoke signal that advises marketers to produce great content to get found online I may throw something big and ouchy. “Doh! Hold on, I was planning on creating utter crap!” . . . Read at It’s the content

This issue of the On the verge newsletter is brought to you by Sage E-marketing, powered by Swiftpage. Learn more about email marketing, drip marketing, and email marketing analytics . . . Swiftpage.

Tech Toolkit

Apps and services, gadgets and gizmos

Five noteworthy PowerPoint add-ons

We all know how easy it is to create a bad, mind-numbing presentation. Fortunately for both presenters and their hapless victims, various add-ons are available to make presentations more functional and compelling. Here are some tools that can help . . . Five Powerpoint add-ons

Five tips for speeding up Windows XP performance

Get XP to work fasterStill relying on XP as your operating system? If you find performance to be snail-like and getting anything done makes you want to tear your hair out, here are five simple tips from TechRepublic that even a non-technical person can implement. . . . Read it at Speed up XP

Tweeps and Peeps

Social media, demystified

The Tactics You Need to Capitalize on the Fast Pace of Social Media

News happens in a flash, and thanks to social media, it travels even faster. So when an issue arises in social media, whether it’s a breaking news story or a customer complaint, you need to be agile enough to respond in real time Real time response to news

Reading Room

Publications for business and personal growth

Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play: Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship

Book Review: One of the best books on relationship selling ever published. Publishers Summary: Too often, the sales process is all about fear. Customers are afraid that they will be talked into making a mistake; salespeople dread being unable to close the deal and make their quotas. No one is happy. Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig offer a better way.

Salespeople, they argue, do best when they focus 100 percent on helping clients succeed. When customers are successful, both buyer and seller win . . . Available unabridged on And at Amazon as a Kindle download, or hard cover.

Announcements and Whatnot

Yay! Sage ACT! Premium Mobility is coming this week!

At long last, ACT! users will soon be able to access contacts, calendar, and other critical details on tablets and smart phones. An inline update in Sage ACT! Premium v.2012 will be available around April 19th that includes Sage ACT! Premium Mobile. This is game changing for ACT! users with iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

Another Sage option remains for ACT! pro and premium users of versions 2012 – 2010. Sage ACT! Connect will be a good option for anyone with spotty online access, with the option to sync up to 5000 records ($69.95 per device).But if you can reliably get online, then no syncing, fast performance, and FREE are three very compelling reasons to pick Sage ACT! Premium Mobile. We’ll provide more details as they become available.

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