Happy Birthday, Sage ACT! I Love You, Man.

Sage ACT! 25th Anniversary Logos

Sage ACT! is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. This is a singular accomplishment for any software application. Especially one that’s experienced (endured?) multiple owners over the years and, (shades of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) was owned twice by one of it’s original creators, Pat Sullivan.

ACT! hasn’t always had the product development love or resources it (and it’s users) deserve, but it has steadily matured from a basic contact manager to a solid entry-level CRM product. On it’s own, or with a few well-chosen product integrations, it can provide all the sales and marketing process capabilities a small or mid-sized business needs.

Sage ACT!’s longevity has been driven in large part by a large and loyal community of self-proclaimed ACT! Fanatics. Its rare to see such devotion to a software application. Especially to a product that has had spectacular failures along the way: Remember the library in ACT! 6? Or the Interact tab in that same version? Or the dark year of ACT! 2005? Or the original release of SBISA?. Ouch.

The fact remains that even with the hiccups and stumbles there are ardent, over-the-top ACT! fans (Just visit the ACT! Fanatics Group on LinkedIn). ACT! has never lost it’s vision for being a user-friendly contact manager system. While over time it’s grown more complex under the hood, ACT! has maintained the intuitive, “ACT! user experience” with each upgrade, which has contributed to it’s longevity.

I’ve fallen in and out of love with ACT! during my 13 years as an ACT! Certified Consultant. But as a true ACT! Fantatic, I always come home. Unlike when ACT! was born 25 years ago, there are about a kabillion other contact management and CRM options now. Yet ACT! remains the best solution for millions of users. It must be love.

Watch for some game-changing updates that are coming to Sage ACT! very soon.

25th Anniversary Celebration Logo Smackdown!

Sage ACT! 25th Anniversary Logos

Sage ACT! is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary.
Sage and ACT! Fanatics Mike Lazurus and George Shearer
have created very different logos to commemorate the occasion.
Let’s pick a winner! So, which one makes you want to party?

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