Mobile Marketing – Can 6 billion people be wrong?


Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that the number of mobile Internet users will exceed desktop Internet users by 2015.  Will you be ready? If you’re using email as part of your marketing communication strategy, you need to understand how this will affect your ability to connect to your target audience.

The intersection of marketing and technology

You could probably anticipate the rise of mobile use just by the number of cell phones tethered to diners at restaurants. Not scientific enough?  A simple Internet search for mobile statistics is all it takes to get started. Take the time to explore the research and understand how mobile utilization is growing and changing.

Understanding the industry will help you make better decisions about email marketing strategies and help you adjust your efforts to meet the specific needs of your mobile audience.

  • How much of your target demographic is using mobile?
  • What are they doing on the devices?
  • What types of devices are they using?
  • What features do these devices support?

Mobile marketing tool provider, Litmus (and the adorable Justine Jordan [@meladorri]), has created an infographic that captures a best practices for crafting mobile optimized email messages.

Determine How Mobile Your Audience Is

In addition to understanding general industry statistics, you should determine how mobile visits to your site are changing. Many analytics tool such as Google Analytics can help you see the different types of devices you need to consider.

Tune Your Content for Mobile Viewing

Mobile utilization has exploded over the last five years. According to research by International Telecommunications Union (ITU), about 6 billion people – that’s 87% of the global population – has a mobile subscription. Reaching this audience will be one of the most effective marketing strategies for small business, so it’s critical to optimize your content for mobile viewing.




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