Three Small Business Marketing Ideas with Legs


Retweeting your PDFs

After the effort of writing that whitepaper, case study, or eBook, wouldn’t it be great if it could grow legs and walk?

Of course you have a call to action and, naturally, visitors flock to your landing page to download and savor your outstanding content. quick-tips-for-your-business-from-on-the-vergeYour reader may share your content with a colleague or friend and email them a link or a copy.

But, wouldn’t it be way cooler if they shared your genius with everyone in their network?

Check out How to Add Retweet Buttons in Your PDF Documents by Michael Stelzner at Social media examiner to learn how to do just that.

By creating a prefabricated tweet, adding an appropriate hashtag, and strategically imbedding a retweet button throughout the document you can extend your reach to a whole new audience.

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat X Pro to accomplish this. If you’re completely committed to exploring all social media channels, you’ll stop reading this blog and head to Amazon to order it right now.

With Acrobat X Pro you’ll be able to embed videos and audio into your PDFs, assemble PDF portfolios from multiple documents, and share documents online.

Here are a couple of tips from my friend Len Kamerman at Hero Technical.

My Hero Tip One

Don’t fall prey to internesia ever again. You know how that goes: you’re online looking for info about online marketing strategies and, before you know it, you’re reading a riveting article about baby chimpanzees racing shopping carts in Fresno.

Sign up for Instapaper and don’t get lost in digital distractions again; save the fun pages until later so you can get your research done now.

It takes about 20 seconds to create an account and get started, and that includes dragging the “read later” button to your toolbar. Over 130 iPhone and iPad apps support sending pages directly to Instapaper.

My Hero Tip Two

Want to quickly find the Linked in profiles of everyone listed at a company? Just type “company name” in your browser address, using that exact format, quotes and all.

Do you have any tips or short cuts that are among your marketing tools you can share?

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