Lucy Leads Explains It All for You


Lucy Leads Explains it All

Introducing Lucy Leads, the newest member of the On the Verge staff. She’s been created – er,  hired – to share up-to-the-minute updates, tips, tricks and assistance. View Lucy’s video as she outlines some of the hot new features that can help improve business processes and shorten the sales cycle.

We’re anticipating the new product release this fall, when we can take ACT! 2011 through its paces and see how it handles on the corners.

Early reviews have been glowing, so we’re looking forward to upgrading our favorite CRM tool as soon as possible. Take a look at the comparison chart to see how much has been improved. Lucy will explain it all, but the highlights are:

  • Smart Tasks (like workflow, but with a special name)
  • Sage Business Info Services –  integrates Hoover’s free and paid accounts in ACT!
  • Outlook Contact and Calendar Sync – Finally!
  • Import from Excel – Ditto
  • And, of course, ACT! eMarketing. I know that appeared in 2010, but SmartTasks automation makes it so much more powerful.

And now, heeeere’s Lucy:

Or view on You tube at Lucy wants to tell you about ACT! 2011

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