ACT! 2010 – 3-Tips-in-20 Series


Here’s a quick sprint through three ACT! 2010 features and shortcuts to simpilfy your day:ACT! 2010 Tips in Twenty Seconds.

Mini-Calendar:  No matter which screen you are in ACT! 2010 press F4 to view the mini calendar and see three months in one view.
Lookup in a field: Cut down on mouse clicks by right-clicking in a field. Then perform the Lookup as usual.
Start up view: OK, there aren’t a wealth of choices, but you do get some control:  Go to Tools > Preferences, then click the startup tab. Choose your preferred startup view from the list.

Bonus! Tips 1 and 2 work in earlier versions of ACT! as well.

Here is Video 1 in the ACT! 2010 Twenty-Second Quick Tips Series, or view on YouTube:

Coming soon: Video 2! Learn how to

  • Create a Company record from a Contact record
  • Create a Contact lookup from a Group
  • Change Navbar options.


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