How do I get more followers?!


So you’ve made a twitter account for your business, Now what? Twitter is a great tool for promoting your business but many people find themselves saying, “OK, now how do I get more followers?” is a great (and FREE) service that analyzes your last 199 tweets to see how effective they were and suggests when you should be tweeting. While it had occurred to me what I was tweeting […]

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Chickens, Eggs, and Sales and Marketing Strategy

What comes first: marketing, or customers? I heard from a friend this morning about her daughter’s struggling new business. It’s a brick and mortar store that promotes the work of local artisans. It should have done well over the holidays; it did not. The store is on the other side of the country so I did the next best thing to popping in – I looked at the website. It’s […]

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Far Out, Man

Social Media is Groovy man

You’re hep, you’re groovy, you’re now. You’re down with your peeps but not quite up on technology. You think, “This blog and Twitter jive might be what’s happenin’ but I’m not down with it”. Bummer, man. Back in the day, as the internet and email evolved into business tools, some people thought they could wait it out and it would go away. Maybe they were intimidated or clueless as to […]

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