Sage ACT! database design: Form and function


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but – could it actually matter how “nice” your database looks? The impact of organized data entry screens goes well beyond aesthetics. Good design supports a logical workflow and eliminates the “friction” of a poorly designed interface. A database can be difficult to use if you have to hunt for fields because they don’t appear in a logical order. If fields […]

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Customize your ACT! database – Part Three: Picture field


Associating images with Contact, Group, Company and Opportunity records can add depth and personality to the record details. The images below illustrates how images will appear in the record. What you need to know about Picture fields: Picture fields are created in Tools > Define fields by creating a new field and assigning the Field data type of “Picture”. As with the checkbox and memo fields, a picture field is […]

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Customize your ACT! database – Part Two: Memo Field

This week we look at adding Memo fields to an ACT! customer database. In Classic ACT! (prior to version 2005) the maximum number of characters a field could contact was a mere 255. The Memo field gives you the option of adding extensive notes within a field in Contacts, Groups, Companies, and Opportunities. The image below showcases all the field types we’re exploring in this series in the Contact Detail […]

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Customize your ACT! database – Part One: Checkbox field

Many users who started working with ACT! crm software back in the day may not realize how much the software has evolved over the last several versions. While there are many big additions like social media tracking, connected services that include e-marketing and lead management, and sales opportunity management, there are smaller – yet significant – additions as well. You don’t even need to be using ACT! 2011 to take […]

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