ACT Software Upgrade? Back away from the keyboard.


Are you thinking about upgrading some of the tools in your tech toolbox? Wait – do not click submit! Step away from the keyboard and put down that credit card! Ending up with mismatched hardware and software is expensive. If your contact management system stops working it disrupts your ability to meet deadlines and get your job done – add “exasperating, infuriating, counter-productive, aggravating, and maddening” to “costly mistake”. We […]

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Using ACT! CRM to Track Customer Service Events

When asked if Sage ACT!1 can support time-tracking, tech support incidents, or case management, depending on requirements, the answer is either “absolutely” or “kinda sorta.” Using ACT! with some minimal addons is one way to make sure your small business crm software provides a great ROI. Comprehensive support management can be integrated into ACT! using an external program such as Tele-Support HelpDesk (this is great if your tech support people […]

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In the cloud

We’re in the cloud! After a recent search for an on-line service for a collaboration, file storage, and file distribution tool, we discovered It’s completely intuitive to use – we were set up in a couple of minutes. Among the many ways we’re using the service is to store various versions of ACT! software as “published” files. Distributing these huge (350 +/- MB) files has alway been a challenge, as we often need […]

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