ACT Software Upgrade? Back away from the keyboard.


Are you thinking about upgrading some of the tools in your tech toolbox? Wait – do not click submit! Step away from the keyboard and put down that credit card! Ending up with mismatched hardware and software is expensive. If your contact management system stops working it disrupts your ability to meet deadlines and get your job done – add “exasperating, infuriating, counter-productive, aggravating, and maddening” to “costly mistake”. We […]

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Chickens, Eggs, and Sales and Marketing Strategy

What comes first: marketing, or customers? I heard from a friend this morning about her daughter’s struggling new business. It’s a brick and mortar store that promotes the work of local artisans. It should have done well over the holidays; it did not. The store is on the other side of the country so I did the next best thing to popping in – I looked at the website. It’s […]

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CRM on demand: a pricing innovation

The licensing models of some CRM applications are a poke in the eye to the sales arm of companies who would like to share sales data with outside distributors, independent reps, or agents. Their reluctance to pay full price is not unreasonable. They don’t want or need the same set of features for a user that needs only limited access to data. Typically, depending on features, cloud-based SFA CRM costs […]

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