Who Moved My Sales Process?


Anyone familiar with the parable, Who Moved My Cheese is aware that stubborn resistance can’t restore the status quo. It’s a simple story that illuminates the need to prepare for and adapt to change. Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Dan Heath and Chris Heath, gives a more actionable approach to changing minds and habits. What both books illuminate is that, whether we’re subject to or […]

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Making CRM Fun: Using Gamification to Engage

definition of gamification

Making CRM Fun Just getting up to speed on social media and Web 2.0? Feeling pretty savvy? You are already behind. The next new thing in the evolving world of web engagement is gamification. Gamification is about introducing gaming concepts to tasks that have traditionally had problems with traction or compliance in the enterprise, like consistently updating contacts, making notations in the customer relationship management system or getting customers to […]

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CRM vendors embrace mobility


Even if you aren’t quite ready, CRM are. Many popular vendors have wholly embraced mobility and offer mobile versions of their applications. Many are even going further and not just creating a mobile replica of the desktop application. Popular open source CRM vendor, SugarCRM, focused deeply on social, mobile, and internationalization in version 6 of its platform. The vendor offers an iPhone version and announced support for Android and Blackberry […]

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Email Marketing: Do it right or don’t bother.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to small and medium business. It helps companies maintain strong relationships that translate into long-term customer loyalty and increased sales revenue. Nurture campaigns keep your brand and your services top-of mind, making it more likely for your customers and prospects to buy from you than from your competitors. Sending an email is just the end result of successful email […]

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