Trending News, Hot Tech and Cool Tools – April 24, 2012

Business and Leadership How to lead, follow, or get out of the way! Surviving Tough Times: 100 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips These last few years have been turbulent for almost everyone. Kudos to those who have managed to stay afloat. here’s how owners and entrepreneurs in the small business community have managed to stay keep their heads above water, and even thrive. (Similar to Alan Simon’s “OK, now what?” mantra, […]

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Three Small Business Marketing Ideas with Legs


Retweeting your PDFs After the effort of writing that whitepaper, case study, or eBook, wouldn’t it be great if it could grow legs and walk? Of course you have a call to action and, naturally, visitors flock to your landing page to download and savor your outstanding content. Your reader may share your content with a colleague or friend and email them a link or a copy. But, wouldn’t it […]

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Social Media – Don’t forget your water wings

Have you just started to dip your toes into the social media waters? If so, then you’ve probably experienced the tsunami effect. There are countless social media channels and so many ways to connect that you can get swept away by its shear magnitude. However, ignoring the benefits of learning Twitter, Linked In and Facebook is not going to help you be more effective in business. If you want to improve sales […]

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