Sage ACT! database design: Form and function


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but – could it actually matter how “nice” your database looks? The impact of organized data entry screens goes well beyond aesthetics. Good design supports a logical workflow and eliminates the “friction” of a poorly designed interface. A database can be difficult to use if you have to hunt for fields because they don’t appear in a logical order. If fields […]

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Exponenciel saves the day

We’re busy. We don’t need no extra steenkin’ mouse clicks. When Sage added full synchronization between Sage ACT!  2011 and Outlook they added “Appointment” as History value. Because Outlook uses “Appointment”, now ACT! must also include the term in order to share data. Although we love our ACT! CRM software, “Appointment” now appears first on the history list, and this has been fiercely annoying to long-time ACT! users who expect […]

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CRM User Adoption: Don’t get derailed

CRM User Adoption: Don’t get derailed If you’re engaged in CRM evaluation you’ve probably encountered the statistics about CRM success rates. User adoption (or, more accurately, the lack thereof) is a common reason for CRM projects to fail. Your CRM project doesn’t have to go off the tracks! Follow these 6 steps to ensure that your users willingly support the solution – and keep your project on track to a […]

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