CRM isn’t a Small Business Luxury


So, you think creating systems in your small company is an indulgence? Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can benefit small businesses in a number of ways – even those staffed by only a few personnel. Many small businesses may consider CRM systems a luxury, but these systems can streamline business processes, improve sales and marketing strategy and increase sales performance while taking some of the burden off of small business […]

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CRM Can Be Key for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management systems can have immense benefits for small businesses, even where only a few staff are directly involved with the customers. Some small businesses don’t want to invest in in-house CRM systems, especially if it  involves equipment upgrades and an increased in IT staff. By their very nature, small businesses have limited staff and resources. CRM processes can help build your business by strengthening your customer relationships and bringing in new customers. Fortunately, software-as-a-Service […]

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CRM User Adoption: Don’t get derailed

CRM User Adoption: Don’t get derailed If you’re engaged in CRM evaluation you’ve probably encountered the statistics about CRM success rates. User adoption (or, more accurately, the lack thereof) is a common reason for CRM projects to fail. Your CRM project doesn’t have to go off the tracks! Follow these 6 steps to ensure that your users willingly support the solution – and keep your project on track to a […]

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