Do you use RSS Feeds?

You’re busy and you need targeted information fast. Why chase it down when you can have it dropped on your digital doorstep? I love feeds. I prefer them to email newsletters (I prefer to not mix personal email messages I’ve received with news and blog articles). Feeds are also more efficient than manually visiting my favorite websites to see if anything new has been posted. But if you aren’t using […]

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Far Out, Man

Social Media is Groovy man

You’re hep, you’re groovy, you’re now. You’re down with your peeps but not quite up on technology. You think, “This blog and Twitter jive might be what’s happenin’ but I’m not down with it”. Bummer, man. Back in the day, as the internet and email evolved into business tools, some people thought they could wait it out and it would go away. Maybe they were intimidated or clueless as to […]

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On the verge = your CRM team

On the verge, incorporated has focused on custom contact maanagement and CRM solutions since 1997.  In celebration of our 10th year as ACT! Certified Consultants (April 1999) we’re launching a new website that best represents who we are:  your CRM team.  Our company name will not change  (we are still On the verge – in so many ways!) but our web address will. goes live  at  on or about May 1st.  We’re […]

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