Net Neutrality and the State of the Internet

OR Why your internet speed sucks and isn’t likely to get better. Among the most powerful groups opposing net neutrality regulations are the companies that bring you the internet. AT&T Cox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and nearly 20 other companies sent a letter to the FCC where they gave the argument that they wouldn’t invest in upgrades to their networks – they wouldn’t innovate – if regulations forced them to […]

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Backup, Share, Restore Your Files. What’s your Plan?

Avoid a data disaster

You need a data disaster recovery plan. We all do. How about a way to recover a previous version of a file when you screw up the current version? What happens to your irreplaceable data if the office is flooded or lost in a fire? Of course, disaster isn’t the only concern about file management. You also may need a way to share files with with others, and, increasingly, we have […]

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SmartStart #1: Sales, Marketing, & Management

Turbocharge your brain for the week ahead … Sticky websites,using measurements that matter, get leads flowing with better sales pipeline management,  and uncover the art of a good landing page. 5 Small Business Website Mistakes that Can Cost Your Small Business Website visitors need to see themselves in your site the instant they arrive. They’ll decide in seconds if you have anything worth sticking around for. Does your message pull them in […]

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Start blogging in 3 kinda’-sorta’ easy steps

Zoho CRM + change = success

Blogging works so well as a marketing tactic because 70% of all buyers research their purchases online. They search Google, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, and FaceBook for “How can I . . .”,or “Where do I…”, or “What’s the best…”. Why should you blog? If you have answers, you can help potential buyers. And if you know how to help them, shouldn’t you help them find you? Blogging is an outstanding way […]

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