Zoho Survey: A Shiny New Tool in the Zoho Toolkit

Zoho Survey Rounds out the Zoho Toolkit

Zoho Corp. has added another app to it’s ever-growing roster of SMB tools, Zoho Survey. I’ve been a devoted SurveyMonkey user for some time and I was skeptical that Zoho’s survey tool could be as feature-rich or as user-friendly. Except for a couple of quibbles, I’m duly impressed. Here are some of the features that I particularly like: Nice interface: Surveys are easy to build, and look great. Comprehensive: There’s a broad variety […]

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Tutorial – Organize Zoho CRM Tabs with Groups

Tab Group Details

Group tabs is a handy Zoho CRM feature (Enterprise edition); use it to manage user access to the various modules. Using Group tabs, only the relevant tabs (aka Modules) will be available to the users who need them, based on their profile. For example, assign only sales-related tabs to the inside sales team. Here’s how: Go to Setup > Customization > Tab Groups. Click Create Tab Group. Step One Enter a Group Name. Select the tabs from the Available List. Use […]

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Zoho – Day three – Zoho CRM

Our 2nd full day of sessions was focused on Zoho CRM and was jammed so full of information that I can only share a small portion of what was covered. “CRM is everything you know, about everyone you know . . .and what you  are planning to do about it.  – Peter Coy Peter’s comment perfectly captures both the simplicity and the importance of customer relationship management. Peter Coy To […]

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Zoho – Day four – Product Focused

Zoho – Running a marathon, not a sprint In this several of this week’s Advanced Solution Partner Training sessions the comment has been that a specific application is “product focused”. As confusing statements go, that’s right up there. Or so I thought. Advanced Solution Provider Training Group The term “product focused” means that the company invests in product development and engineering, not sales and marketing. Apparently, it’s not unusual for software companies to […]

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