The internet has forever changed how consumers buy – and smart companies are adapting their marketing to reach these savvy buyers. The good news for small and medium businesses is that the playing field has been leveled. The other news is, you can’t do business as usual without experiencing diminishing returns.

Most B2B and B2C buyers research potential products or services online before they buy. That’s why it does’t make sense in to continue to allocate a significant portion of your marketing budget to old-school tactics such as trade shows, yellow pages ads, and slick marketing collateral.

These tactics may have their place in some industries, but every B2B business needs to consider how to optimize their online-presence to attract buyers at every stage of their buying cycle.

Learn how to connect with your buyers in the digital age and leave the outdated marketing methods to your competition. Here’s what you might need in your toolbox:

  • Tools for blogging
  • Tools to build content and get found
  • Tools for search engine optimization
  • Tools for social media interaction
  • Tools to create landing pages
  • Tools to build forms
  • Tools to manage a/b testing
  • Tools  to manage email marketing
  • Tools to measure performance
  • Tools for lead nurturing
  • A system for lead scoring

Each of these tools help you to help your buyers find you: you become the expert they turn to when they are ready to buy. Targeted leads generation convert more visitors.

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