Convert to Zoho CRM: 10 (plus 5) data migration tips

Zoho CRM Data Migration

Converting data from an existing CRM system looks like a daunting task. In reality, with sufficient prep, you may be able to do it yourself. If you don’t have time (or your time is better spent elsewhere) there are professionals who can help you. Unless you have a pristine database, proper conversion prep is time consuming. But, don’t defer cleansing the data until after the conversion – the prep time is nothing compared to the effort needed should […]

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Tutorial – Reorganize Zoho CRM Tabs


Although Zoho CRM includes 18 different modules (Contacts, Accounts, Invoices, etc.) it’s possible that some may not be relevant to your business. Tabs (a/k/a Modules) can be repositioned or removed from the tab bar in any Zoho CRM edition; you’ll need administrator privileges to make the change. Here are the steps to reorganize your tabs. Go to Setup > Customize > Select Modules Click the Manage Modules Button. Select the […]

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Zoho CRM Tutorial – Send birthday greetings

[Edition Requirement: Zoho Enterprise] Here’s a quick tutorial on how to send annual birthday greetings (or warranty renewals, or anniversary wishes, or . . .?).  Have your email template set up and ready to go, then: Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow | Create Rule  Enter the basic information:     Click Next, then select a date field value as the “Execute based on” type. This expands the dialog so that you […]

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Tutorial – Rename Zoho CRM Tabs

Rename Modules

Did you know you can rename Zoho CRM Tabs (a/k/a modules)? The module will still work the same, only now it uses the terms that are familiar to your staff. This feature is useful to align the database system to your business process. Some examples are: Rename Accounts to Companies Rename Potentials to Opportunities Rename Cases to Services. Tabs can be renamed in any edition; you’ll need administrator privileges to make the change. […]

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