Expense Reporting – Zoho Expense is here!

Zoho Expense on phones and tablets

Zoho Corp. has a new online service, Zoho Expense. I had a chance to play with Zoho Expense while it was in beta and was quite impressed with it’s features and capabilities. While it’s a great tool for recording and tracking individual expenses, where it really shines is as a company-wide expense reporting tool. It’s well worth a look. Easy to manage and track expense receipts Drag and drop receipt images into the receipt […]

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Collaborate with Competitors? What?

As a small company owner or solopreneur, going it alone can be a long and lonely journey. That’s why it makes perfect sense for competitors to collaborate. Wait – What? Besides you, who knows more about the sort of business issues and concerns you face every day than your industry peers? They’re dealing with the same market forces, customer service issues, and business development challenges you are. It sounds crazy, but […]

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Zoho CRM keeps innovating


Zoho Corp has  added breadth to their suite of application over the last couple of years, expanding to nearly 30 applications in 2013. The recent depth that’s been added to their flagship CRM product is an exciting development. Based on price, ease of use, and  capabilities, Zoho CRM has been a smart choice for the SMB market. It’s great to see them moving up-market to support the more complex requirements of the […]

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Zoho Survey: A Shiny New Tool in the Zoho Toolkit

Zoho Survey Rounds out the Zoho Toolkit

Zoho Corp. has added another app to it’s ever-growing roster of SMB tools, Zoho Survey. I’ve been a devoted SurveyMonkey user for some time and I was skeptical that Zoho’s survey tool could be as feature-rich or as user-friendly. Except for a couple of quibbles, I’m duly impressed. Here are some of the features that I particularly like: Nice interface: Surveys are easy to build, and look great. Comprehensive: There’s a broad variety […]

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