Tutorial – Reorganize Zoho CRM Tabs


Although Zoho CRM includes 18 different modules (Contacts, Accounts, Invoices, etc.) it’s possible that some may not be relevant to your business. Tabs (a/k/a Modules) can be repositioned or removed from the tab bar in any Zoho CRM edition; you’ll need administrator privileges to make the change. Here are the steps to reorganize your tabs.

Go to Setup > Customize > Select Modules

  1. Click the Manage Modules Button.
  2. Select the tab name to add or remove to your tab bar.
  3. Use the arrows in the center to move between the unselected and selected tabs.
  4. Use the arrows on the right to move the position of the tab on the tab bar.
  5. Click save when done.



Removing modules from the tab bar view may have unintended consequences For example, removing the Potentials module disables a user’s ability to view the pipeline component on his/her home page.

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