On the verge specializes in custom training that meets each client’s needs.

We not only show users how to use software features, we also help your staff understand those features in the context of your business process and specific industry. Such targeted training is a critical step towards achieving maximum results – and ROI. We feel so strongly about the importance of training that we’d suggest  a trip to Vegas with your project budget if you didn’t plan to train your end-users – you could expect about the same result.

What’s so special about our training?

We are specialists in teaching adult learners, incorporating business process, change management, and a WIIFM (what’s in it for me) perspective to illustrate the direct benefits of mastering a system. 

While on-site, hands training is the preferred approach, it isn’t always possible. If some of your staff work in offices around the country, we offer on-line custom training in shorter sessions. 

Discover how we can help your team become more effective and productive.  Contact us or call 781-606-0433.