TopLine Alerts from TopLine Results brings you one step closer to automated work flow in Sage ACT!.  TopLine Alerts is a low-cost, easy to set up management tool that helps business owners and managers keep on top of the details.Set it up once, and get updated business intelligence in your inbox or a shared folder, automatically.

• Instant Conditional Alerts

• Choose the activities and opportunities that are important to you.

• Determine the content and define the conditions of your notifications.

• Receive and share important dashboard reports without a click.

• Schedule once and you’re done.

• Guarantee on-time delivery of your reports.

• Spend more time selling, less time reporting!

TopLine Alerts allows the server to auto-generate and email dashboard reports and conditional notifications.

Top Line Dash Pricing starts at $129 per license / Top Line Alerts starts at $279 per license

TopLine Dash and TopLine Alerts Bundle starts at $299 per license. Contact us to set up a trial or to purchase.

Contact us today and learn how to automate your business intelligence. We’ll get you on the road to enduring and profitable business relationships. Or call 781-606-0433 and ask for the Chief Problem Solver.