Your CRM Team respects your right to privacy and your need for security.

Our business is build around the Zoho online software suite of products. We use these products at Your CRM Team to manage the information you voluntarily provide us in forms, e.g., when requesting information. Our own privacy and policy policies build upon the policies of Zoho. If you are using Zoho, their policies can be found at these links: Zoho Privacy PolicyZoho Security Practices, Policies & Infrastructure.

Cookies and Tracking Technology

Cookies and other tracking technologies are used to enhance your user experience on our site and to provide us with analytic information (e.g. Google Analytics). If you have a Zoho account we may be able to detect when you visit our site and respond to you through the Chat Window.

Online Payments

We can accept online payments for services and Zoho subscriptions. We do not save your credit information within our own databases.

Requests for information

When you fill at a form on our site to request information, we save the information you provide within our Zoho CRM database. This information is secure and will never be shared outside our organization.

Links to other websites

There may be links in our website or blog to other websites. Those sites may have different privacy and security practices. Please check with each site on their policies. The policies above are the Your CRM Team policies and by extension, the Zoho policies. We are not responsible for other websites.