Social media has transformed marketing into a less predictive and more interactive engagement with customers and prospects. CRM is evolving to include it, marketing can’t ignore it, and buyers use it daily. Is your business missing out?

Social media can be a valuable tool, but like with all business strategies, you need to research your marketing needs before spending time, resources and money. You may want to ask yourself:

  • Is this highest priority for my current marketing budget given the results I want to achieve?
  • Will social media help achieve my business goals?
  • Does the audience I want to reach use social media?
  • Does social media influence purchasing decisions in my target market?
  • Does my organization have adequate skills, resources and budget to invest?

All marketing efforts, including social media marketing, should be accompanied by a strategy. It’s okay to start slow, measure the results against expectations and alternatives, and adjust.

With planning, research, and effort, you can determine what social media channels can help drive leads and conversions, help build your brand and customer awareness, decrease cost per lead, and increase marketing ROI.

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