Business is good, but you know it could be better. You feel like you’re doing a lot of the right things – but the pieces aren’t falling into place. Why settle for good when great is in reach? Sometimes small (but significant) changes are all that’s needed. Changes like: basic automation that results in a 10% increase in sales; customers who call you, not your competition, because of your timely and relevant email campaigns; high-quality, sales-ready leads thanks to effective web content. Those are just a few of the possibilities. What can you imagine?

Here’s how to grow your business when pretty good just isn’t good enough.

The Sales Rep
“Eliminate busy work and sell more.”

If I’m not selling, I’m not making money. With Zoho CRM I have my contacts, notes, calls, meetings, tasks, and opportunities all on my tablet – even if I’m off-line. My Zoho apps help me save a lot of time, and that means my day goes more smoothly. I don’t have to chase details or spin my wheels pulling together sales reports or logging expenses. It’s simple math: I have more time to find new opportunities and close more deals, and that means I close sales more quickly. Hey, whatever keeps the boss happy – just show me the money!

My essential apps: Zoho CRM, Zoho Mobile CRM, Zoho Leads, Zoho Expenses, Ringio

The Marketing Manager
“Stay connected to customers.”

A lot of client interactions start on the Web, so the integrated web-to-lead forms are key. Zoho SalesIQ lets me track page views in real time and view visit details in Zoho CRM. Our customers can even connect via chat while they’re on our website. I can focus on creating relevant messaging now that I know which content is driving traffic. We nurture those leads with Zoho Campaigns to ultimately provide the sales team with higher-quality leads. Our brand is stronger with marketing and sales finally on the same page.

My essential apps: Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey

The VP of Sales
“Manage the sales pipeline, effortlessly.”

My job is to make sure my sales team is on target and that customers are getting what they need. If it looks like an opportunity is stalled, I want to address it right away, so I need insight into every step of our sales cycle. Zoho CRM’s reports and dashboards keep me on top of our revenue projections. Because our sales reps use Zoho CRM everyday, I don’t have to chase them for weekly reports; all the information I need is right in the CRM. It’s cut way down on time in sales meetings. Everyone is more productive now that we have the right tools.

My essential apps: Zoho CRM, Zoho Mobile CRM, Zoho Expenses, Zoho Reports

The Owner
“Grow with a cost-effective solution.”

Before we implemented Zoho it took too many steps to get things done. Important details fell through the cracks and we’d enter the same information in two or three places. I have big plans for my business and needed to get our processes under control. Zoho gives me an incredibly powerful system at about a quarter of the price I thought I’d have to pay for the capabilities we have now. Sales, marketing and customer service are all on the same page. Our customers are happy, morale is up, and the entire team is more effective.

My essential apps: Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Mobile CRM, Zoho Expenses, Zoho Reports

The right technology is essential for running a successful business. Zoho services offer a range of features and editions that nurture growing companies like yours. With Zoho you can upgrade anytime, integrate additional services, or even add custom features – all at a fraction of the cost of other applications. Your CRM Team can help you select the right options to fit your objectives and your budget. We’ve helped hundreds of companies optimize sales and marketing, improve customer relationships, automate workflow, boost productivity, and grow profits. Ready to do more? Contact us or call the Chief Problem Solver today at 781-606-0433.