If you want to save time and money when quoting, selling, ordering, and purchasing products and services you need QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks is used by over 64,000 users worldwide in over 100 countries and enables companies in every industry to create detailed quotes with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

QuoteWerks integrates seamlessly with these contact managers, eliminating the need to re-type customer information

ACT! Business Contact Manager
MS Dynamics CRM GoldMine
salesforce.com SalesLogix
Outlook SugarCrm
Maximizer TeleMagic


QuoteWerks quoting

How does QuoteWerks work?

  • It pulls data from contact record fields, resulting in a printed (or online) quote.
  • I’s’ a stand-alone product, and does not require word processors or spreadsheets (although, MS Word is an output option).
  • It features include the ability to send and receive your quotes across the enterprise and supports 9 different ways to price your products and services.
  • It enables on the fly, real-time vendor price comparisons.
  • Create “bundles” or “kits.” QuoteWerks.
  • Define product or service configurations – products can be set up to have required, optional, and substitute items.

QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. Rather than attaching a PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer, QuoteValet creates a personalized web page to present the quote online via quotevalet.com This feature enables your customer to

  • View and change quote options dynamically
  • Ask questions through the customized quote page (keeping all communication together).
  • Electronically accept and sign the quote.

QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. You’ll know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote. They’ll can choose the line items and options they prefer, and your quote will be updated in your QuoteWerks system with the updated information.

In addition to the standard reports that come with QuoteWerks, the built-in visual reporting tool helps generate reports that:

  • Create commission reports
  • Provide sales closure reports and more
  • Determine who your most productive sales person is
  • Identify the most profitable product or highest selling product/service
  • Create product/price catalogs for your customers (which can include customer specific pricing)
  • Generate detail reports on your product lines, inventory, etc.

In today’s market quoting must be accurate, efficient, and fast; getting the quote into the customer’s hands quickly can mean the difference between winning – or not winning – the sale. On the verge is here to help with your QuoteWerks and contact management integration, providing everything from project planning to software sales through training and technical support.

As a QuoteWerks Business Partner since 2004, On the verge can help your team implement QuoteWerks and exponentially increase your quoting productivity.  Close more sales by simplifying and speeding up price quoting/estimating process in the office and on the road.

Contact us here to receive a full-feature demo version of QuoteWerks. Or call 781-606-0433 and ask for the Chief Problem Solver.