LeadMaster CRM offers an impressive blend of robust SaaS (software as a service) at a price point that won’t break the bank. Simply select the features that support your business requirements and turn off the rest.

LeadMaster is an on-demand CRM solution. That means: you can connect to data anywhere at anytime; the only required application is a web browser and the only hardware required is a computer; there is no locally installed software; updates and upgrades happen automatically behind the scenes; and there is no need to add personnel or other IT resources to maintain the system. Users can even access their data on their Blackberries or iPhones while on the road.

LeadMaster addesses efficiency considerations that impact the success of a CRM solution:

  • The path to greater profits starts with increased effectiveness and productivity.
  • Time is money. Salespeople get frustrated using inefficient systems because wasting time means less time to sell.
  • If users won’t use the solution, the CRM initiative is dead in the water. Users reject an unnecessarily complicated solution.
  • By eliminating repetitive tasks with workflow and by streamlining navigation, LeadMaster lets users focus on the creative tasks that generate revenue and increase customer retention.

LeadMaster SFA & CRM solutions are simple & uncluttered. Navigation in LeadMaster requires 75% fewer mouse clicks to update a record than in Salesforce.com. Leadmaster provides the ease of use that is critical to user adoption.

There are no worries about upgrades, data center capacity, maintenance or IT costs. LeadMaster is designed for flexibility and scalability, from a single user to thousands, at an affordable rate. That makes LeadMaster a great fit for a small, medium, or enterprise-sized business who wants a reliable, cost-effective, cloud-based SFA/CRM system that can be deployed in days instead of months or years.

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