Trending News, Hot Tech and Cool Tools – April 24, 2012

Business and Leadership How to lead, follow, or get out of the way! Surviving Tough Times: 100 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips These last few years have been turbulent for almost everyone. Kudos to those who have managed to stay afloat. here’s how owners and entrepreneurs in the small business community have managed to stay keep their heads above water, and even thrive. (Similar to Alan Simon’s “OK, now what?” mantra, […]

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Three great productivity tools keep you organized


This is productivity software that is – dare I say it – positively life altering.   Lets be honest, our internet lives are not getting simpler anytime soon, so how can we make sense, and keep track, of it all? Consider these three solutions that will help create order out of the mountains of information you manage on a daily basis.     EvernoteB.E. (before Evernote) the world was a swamp […]

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