3 Reasons You Need CRM from Day One


Not surprisingly, businesses don’t like to waste money – especially small, start-up businesses. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool to lower costs, increase productivity, and manage business relationships. That’s why failing to include CRM in the initial budget just doesn’t make sense. Even for a small business, CRM has a number of business advantages: Helps sales staff work more efficiently to increase sales performance Organizes data in one place […]

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Software Upgrades: Be wreck-less not reckless


Driving at 95 MPH on slick roads, down a windy mountain pass with no guard rail, requires different skills than a trip to the car wash. There’s a reason for the “don’t try this at home” disclaimers on high-action car ads. Commercials are designed to make a car look exciting, yet easy to handle. Apparently some folks don’t know their limitations (the cast of “Jackass” come to mind), hence the warning. […]

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Six Small Business Technology Tips: Help Tech Support Help You


Software tech support can be an utterly frustrating experience – on both sides of the phone line. Keep these tips in mind when you call, chat with, or email a help desk or software publisher for help: Can you resolve it yourself? Have you restarted the application or your computer? This often resolves issues caused by low resources or software conflicts. It’s a good first step. There might be a […]

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Three Small Business Marketing Ideas with Legs


Retweeting your PDFs After the effort of writing that whitepaper, case study, or eBook, wouldn’t it be great if it could grow legs and walk? Of course you have a call to action and, naturally, visitors flock to your landing page to download and savor your outstanding content. Your reader may share your content with a colleague or friend and email them a link or a copy. But, wouldn’t it […]

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