More Free Stuff for ACT! Contact Manager


Reschedule Multiple Activities Recently we shared a free History Window fix for ACT! 2011 from Exponenciel. It replaces the new default value of “Appointment with “Call”, which is what long-time users expect to see. If you’re an ACT! 2010 or 2011 user, they have another gift for you. Recently released is the Reschedule Multiple Activities utility. It does just what it says – it gives you the ability to reschedule […]

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Sales reps: A cure for the “I don’t wanna type” blues

You were born to sell, not to type. You certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time slaving over a hot keyboard when you could be closing sales. Yet you have to write proposals and other documents – and often type the same long phrases & industry-specific terminology. And, perhaps, make the same typos – over and over. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase productivity, improve your business writing, and make it […]

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Create a Lead-Scoring System to Win More Sales

All leads are not created equal. Even if companies know how to generate leads, many have no lead management system in place to evaluate the quality of a lead. The thinking is, as long as it comes from a carbon-based life form and has a pulse it goes directly to the sales team. This no-system system is costly. Why not improve sales results by determining which leads get passed along now and […]

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How successful is your lead generation?

Landing pages focused on Contact

Did you know that your buyers are now in control of the buying process? If this is news to you, then welcome to the 21st century, where “interruption blocking” rules. Your prospects can (and do) tune out your sales and marketing efforts with caller ID, spam filters and voice mail. In fact, 80% of all buyers search online for reviews and product information to educate themselves before buying. Let me share […]

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