12 Cool Web Tools for Small Businesses

I was pa-rousing around the Internet the other day and found this great list from INC.com 12 Cool Web Tools for Small Business     INC.com is a great resource by itself, but you may find this list useful, heck it might even save you so money. One tool pertaining to CRM and B2B marketing is Demandbase. This free service analyzes visitors to your website and cross references them with […]

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Blog marketing: You talkin’ to me?


You’re ready to embrace web 2.0 marketing as part of your sales and marketing strategy (well, you should be) and you want to know the most effective way to tell the world how great you are. I can explain it in ten words: If you’re talking about yourself, you’re not talking to me. In the blogosphere it simply isn’t possible to promote your expertise and earn trust by focusing on […]

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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

How do you develop a lead management system that can improve sales? Planning, execution, and follow-though are key; then make sure that your focus stays on the customer. You can check out some great resources to help with these efforts at MarketingProfs. Here are excerpts from a recent article to help get you started: From Six best practices to improve sales and marketing Alignment by Laura Patterson – some great […]

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Align sales and marketing to increase marketing ROI

How Marketing and Sales can unite

I recently participated in a forum discussion about who is driving the conversation about sales and marketing alignment, marketing or sales. Once I stopped thinking, “Duh, who wouldn’t want that?” and “Can’t we all just get along?” it occurred to me that the “who, what, or why” doesn’t matter. It just simply must happen. As a CRM implementation consultant I see the fallout from this misalignment in many of the […]

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