More Free Stuff for ACT! Contact Manager


Reschedule Multiple Activities Recently we shared a free History Window fix for ACT! 2011 from Exponenciel. It replaces the new default value of “Appointment with “Call”, which is what long-time users expect to see. If you’re an ACT! 2010 or 2011 user, they have another gift for you. Recently released is the Reschedule Multiple Activities utility. It does just what it says – it gives you the ability to reschedule […]

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Exponenciel saves the day

We’re busy. We don’t need no extra steenkin’ mouse clicks. When Sage added full synchronization between Sage ACT!  2011 and Outlook they added “Appointment” as History value. Because Outlook uses “Appointment”, now ACT! must also include the term in order to share data. Although we love our ACT! CRM software, “Appointment” now appears first on the history list, and this has been fiercely annoying to long-time ACT! users who expect […]

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ACT! Users Group for the New Economy


Some friends and I recently joked about the overuse of the phrase, “Now, more than ever . . .” applied to, well, almost everything. But we are challenged, in fact, to think about what we can do differently now to dig out, get ahead, and stay ahead. One easy solution is to use the systems we have in place more effectively. For others, it’s developing new systems to streamline and automate. […]

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I didn’t know I could do that with ACT!

ACT! contact management software was introduced over 20 years ago.  Although originally designed as the simplest of tools, ACT! has evolved considerably over the last few years. The changes in ACT! have been so significant, in fact, that it’s often lumped into the CRM category (erroneously, but we’ll get to that).  Unlike enterprise-level applications, ACT! is contact-centric, with a focus  on managing and maintaining interactions with individuals. The current version of ACT! (2009, v […]

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