Expense Reporting – Zoho Expense is here!

Zoho Expense on phones and tablets

Zoho Corp. has a new online service, Zoho Expense. I had a chance to play with Zoho Expense while it was in beta and was quite impressed with it’s features and capabilities. While it’s a great tool for recording and tracking individual expenses, where it really shines is as a company-wide expense reporting tool. It’s well worth a look. Easy to manage and track expense receipts Drag and drop receipt images into the receipt […]

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We don’t need no steenkin’ ACT! upgrade.


I got a call today from someone who wants a few new fields added to their ACT! contact management database  – version 6.O. Sage ACT!  is on version 14 now, but that’s okay because, as my caller said, everyone else is only “using ACT! like a Roledex, so I can’t get an ACT! upgrade approved.” Focusing on the task at hand, we sorted out how we could help customize ACT! with […]

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Software Upgrades: Be wreck-less not reckless


Driving at 95 MPH on slick roads, down a windy mountain pass with no guard rail, requires different skills than a trip to the car wash. There’s a reason for the “don’t try this at home” disclaimers on high-action car ads. Commercials are designed to make a car look exciting, yet easy to handle. Apparently some folks don’t know their limitations (the cast of “Jackass” come to mind), hence the warning. […]

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11 Best Email Marketing Tips Ever


Your email recipients are just like you: they plow through the inbox looking for which emails to delete, not which emails to read. Dodge the delete key with compelling emails – answer these questions before building an email campaign or writing your first email. What is my objective? Too many emails try to do too much. Identify one central point for your email and focus on that. What do I […]

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