11 Best Email Marketing Tips Ever


Your email recipients are just like you: they plow through the inbox looking for which emails to delete, not which emails to read. Dodge the delete key with compelling emails – answer these questions before building an email campaign or writing your first email. What is my objective? Too many emails try to do too much. Identify one central point for your email and focus on that. What do I […]

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Blog marketing: You talkin’ to me?


You’re ready to embrace web 2.0 marketing as part of your sales and marketing strategy (well, you should be) and you want to know the most effective way to tell the world how great you are. I can explain it in ten words: If you’re talking about yourself, you’re not talking to me. In the blogosphere it simply isn’t possible to promote your expertise and earn trust by focusing on […]

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Create a Lead-Scoring System to Win More Sales

All leads are not created equal. Even if companies know how to generate leads, many have no lead management system in place to evaluate the quality of a lead. The thinking is, as long as it comes from a carbon-based life form and has a pulse it goes directly to the sales team. This no-system system is costly. Why not improve sales results by determining which leads get passed along now and […]

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So easy even the Pointy-Haired Boss could do it

There are legitimate challenges that hinder us from being effective at our jobs. Then there are the ones invented by management. A sales rep I met recently told me that he is driven crazy by the “process” they use at his company. They write up their meeting details on a preprinted form (generated through their CRM system), give it to the receptionist, and she types the information back into the […]

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