11 Ways to Avoid Email Marketing Disaster

11 ways to avoid email marketing disaster

Although B2B email marketing is a well-established marketing tactic, many businesses are still doing it wrong. Don’t be one of those companies. Email is an effective way to communicate with your leads and customers if used properly. Here are 11 things not to do if you want your company’s next email campaign to be a smashing success. And 11 take-aways on how to do it right. The Path to Disaster 1.  Failing […]

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From Content to CRM, It’s All Social

Social CRM – It’s Interactive Organizations must prepare themselves, if they have not already, to engage in multi-channel communications with customers. For years they have had the luxury of engaging in outward-directed communications with customers as a sales and marketing strategy. However, now that social media and other Web 2.0 fixtures have become a ubiquitous part of life, that approach is not longer effective. Moving Away From “Junk Engagement” No marketer […]

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Aligning Marketing and Technology

Marketing Strategy First, Tools Second We have become accustomed to technology evolving at an amazing rate. So much so that companies are being forced to regularly rethink their marketing strategies frequently to ensure relevance with target audiences. With so many different ways to reach out to potential customers, however, many businesses fall into the trap of implementing unfocused or inappropriate marketing campaigns that provide low conversion rates and ROI. Employing […]

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How do I get more followers?!


So you’ve made a twitter account for your business, Now what? Twitter is a great tool for promoting your business but many people find themselves saying, “OK, now how do I get more followers?” Timely.is is a great (and FREE) service that analyzes your last 199 tweets to see how effective they were and suggests when you should be tweeting. While it had occurred to me what I was tweeting […]

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