5 Metrics for Measuring Your Digital Campaign

If there’s one thing we don’t have a shortage of in the Internet age, it’s data. We can (and do) capture the most minute details about interactions with our digital content. Although this information has the potential of providing tremendous insight, it can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are responsible for digital marketing at a small to medium sized business. There are lots of things you could measure, […]

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Use our CRM system or you’re fired


“How can we word our employee contract to require them to use our CRM tool?” Over the weekend, a colleague in my master-mind group shared this question, which he received from a customer: “How can we word our employee contract to require them to use our CRM tool?” We got past, “Whoa, don’t be handing out legal advice”, and the conversation got down to what could be at the heart of […]

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Six Small Business Technology Tips: Help Tech Support Help You


Software tech support can be an utterly frustrating experience – on both sides of the phone line. Keep these tips in mind when you call, chat with, or email a help desk or software publisher for help: Can you resolve it yourself? Have you restarted the application or your computer? This often resolves issues caused by low resources or software conflicts. It’s a good first step. There might be a […]

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Blog marketing: You talkin’ to me?


You’re ready to embrace web 2.0 marketing as part of your sales and marketing strategy (well, you should be) and you want to know the most effective way to tell the world how great you are. I can explain it in ten words: If you’re talking about yourself, you’re not talking to me. In the blogosphere it simply isn’t possible to promote your expertise and earn trust by focusing on […]

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