Email Marketing: Do it right or don’t bother.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to small and medium business. It helps companies maintain strong relationships that translate into long-term customer loyalty and increased sales revenue. Nurture campaigns keep your brand and your services top-of mind, making it more likely for your customers and prospects to buy from you than from your competitors. Sending an email is just the end result of successful email […]

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12 Cool Web Tools for Small Businesses

I was pa-rousing around the Internet the other day and found this great list from 12 Cool Web Tools for Small Business is a great resource by itself, but you may find this list useful, heck it might even save you so money. One tool pertaining to CRM and B2B marketing is Demandbase. This free service analyzes visitors to your website and cross references them with […]

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Say goodbye to cold calling. Use targeted lead generation


“Stop using your salespeople to find potential customers, and start making investments that will help create demand for your sales team and your company”. So says Teicko Hube in a spot-on article posted in a HubSpot Blog, Demand Creation vs. Cold Calling. Teicko goes on to make a compelling point about how to generate leads to improve sales results, and asks a pivotal question: Why do businesses invest in good sales reps and […]

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Chickens, Eggs, and Sales and Marketing Strategy

What comes first: marketing, or customers? I heard from a friend this morning about her daughter’s struggling new business. It’s a brick and mortar store that promotes the work of local artisans. It should have done well over the holidays; it did not. The store is on the other side of the country so I did the next best thing to popping in – I looked at the website. It’s […]

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