Trending News, Hot Tech and Cool Tools – April 24, 2012

Business and Leadership How to lead, follow, or get out of the way! Surviving Tough Times: 100 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips These last few years have been turbulent for almost everyone. Kudos to those who have managed to stay afloat. here’s how owners and entrepreneurs in the small business community have managed to stay keep their heads above water, and even thrive. (Similar to Alan Simon’s “OK, now what?” mantra, […]

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Email Marketing and Social Media: A Perfect Couple

Email and social media make the perfect couple

As stand-alone tools, email and social media can each play a valuable role in achieving your marketing goals. Marketing tactics are changing to include on-line communities. And email marketing remains a viable marketing tool. In fact, email and social media campaigns can be used together to enhance each other and achieve better results. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each channel to use them effectively. Email […]

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Why Are You Sending Me This Email? 3 X 3 Email Marketing Strategies


Your email inbox is filled to overflowing with unread messages.  Everyone’s is. And everyday we play the game of figuring out what to read and what to delete.  So, imagine how much it costs in wasted time and lost opportunities when that happens to your email campaigns! How can you turn it around? For starters, don’t ask  “How?”,  ask “Why?” As in, “Why would someone read my message?”  “Because I want them to sell […]

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Running an Effective Drip Campaign

Wondering how you can improve the odds that your previous customers and prospects will keep you at the top of the list when making a new purchase –  without developing mind control abilities or having your sales team behave like pushy used-car sales people? Maybe you should consider implementing a drip campaign. They aren’t right for everyone, but they might be just the tool you need to win more customers. […]

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