Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to ACT! 2012: Reason # 8

Contact Relationships

# 8: Relationships Do your contacts have trusted advisers or outside relationships? Are their records in your ACT! database? Use Sage ACT! “Relationships” to link these contact records and keep everyone on the same page.View our 90 second screencast and see how simple it is. View our 90 second screencast Get your contact management database working for you! Download the Sage ACT! product brief. Have you put off upgrading ACT!? […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to ACT! 2012: Reason # 10

I Heart Sage ACT!

# 10: Synchronization . Simple, fast, and reliable, Sage ACT! 2012 synchronization keeps vital customer and prospect data in the hands of your team, even when they’re off-line. Click here: View our 90-second screencast. Share sales leads, opportunities, calendars, notes, histories, documents, and contact details with the right people at the right time. If you’re a veteran of ACT! 5 or ACT! 6 shared folder or email sync,  prepare to be dazzled by how […]

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We don’t need no steenkin’ ACT! upgrade.


I got a call today from someone who wants a few new fields added to their ACT! contact management database  – version 6.O. Sage ACT!  is on version 14 now, but that’s okay because, as my caller said, everyone else is only “using ACT! like a Roledex, so I can’t get an ACT! upgrade approved.” Focusing on the task at hand, we sorted out how we could help customize ACT! with […]

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Six Small Business Technology Tips: Help Tech Support Help You


Software tech support can be an utterly frustrating experience – on both sides of the phone line. Keep these tips in mind when you call, chat with, or email a help desk or software publisher for help: Can you resolve it yourself? Have you restarted the application or your computer? This often resolves issues caused by low resources or software conflicts. It’s a good first step. There might be a […]

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