CRM Can Be Key for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management systems can have immense benefits for small businesses, even where only a few staff are directly involved with the customers. Some small businesses don’t want to invest in in-house CRM systems, especially if it  involves equipment upgrades and an increased in IT staff. By their very nature, small businesses have limited staff and resources. CRM processes can help build your business by strengthening your customer relationships and bringing in new customers. Fortunately, software-as-a-Service […]

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Making CRM Fun: Using Gamification to Engage

definition of gamification

Making CRM Fun Just getting up to speed on social media and Web 2.0? Feeling pretty savvy? You are already behind. The next new thing in the evolving world of web engagement is gamification. Gamification is about introducing gaming concepts to tasks that have traditionally had problems with traction or compliance in the enterprise, like consistently updating contacts, making notations in the customer relationship management system or getting customers to […]

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CRM vendors embrace mobility


Even if you aren’t quite ready, CRM are. Many popular vendors have wholly embraced mobility and offer mobile versions of their applications. Many are even going further and not just creating a mobile replica of the desktop application. Popular open source CRM vendor, SugarCRM, focused deeply on social, mobile, and internationalization in version 6 of its platform. The vendor offers an iPhone version and announced support for Android and Blackberry […]

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Mobile data: Stay connected no matter where you are.

Think about the holiday season just past, and your holiday travels. Did your experience bring to mind, “Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house . . . tra la, tra la?” Or did you have a meltdown because you got snowed in at Terminal C and the number you needed for The Big Deal was back in the office? Do you really need another reason to justify […]

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