The Future of Inbound Marketing

Times change. Consumers pay scant attention to pitches presented in traditional marketing campaigns. They employ spam blockers, DVRs and mail services that remove ads so that they can ignore the messages – messages that companies  spend significant dollars to produce. On the B2B side, trade show attendance is falling, direct mail is waning, and voice mail is just about the best gatekeeper your customer can employ. This consumer backlash against […]

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Email Marketing: Do it right or don’t bother.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to small and medium business. It helps companies maintain strong relationships that translate into long-term customer loyalty and increased sales revenue. Nurture campaigns keep your brand and your services top-of mind, making it more likely for your customers and prospects to buy from you than from your competitors. Sending an email is just the end result of successful email […]

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ACT! 2010 – 3-Tips-in-20 Series

ACT! 2010 Tips in Twenty Seconds.

Here’s a quick sprint through three ACT! 2010 features and shortcuts to simpilfy your day: Mini-Calendar:  No matter which screen you are in ACT! 2010 press F4 to view the mini calendar and see three months in one view. Lookup in a field: Cut down on mouse clicks by right-clicking in a field. Then perform the Lookup as usual. Start up view: OK, there aren’t a wealth of choices, but […]

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So easy even the Pointy-Haired Boss could do it

There are legitimate challenges that hinder us from being effective at our jobs. Then there are the ones invented by management. A sales rep I met recently told me that he is driven crazy by the “process” they use at his company. They write up their meeting details on a preprinted form (generated through their CRM system), give it to the receptionist, and she types the information back into the […]

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