Use our CRM system or you’re fired


“How can we word our employee contract to require them to use our CRM tool?” Over the weekend, a colleague in my master-mind group shared this question, which he received from a customer: “How can we word our employee contract to require them to use our CRM tool?” We got past, “Whoa, don’t be handing out legal advice”, and the conversation got down to what could be at the heart of […]

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How do I get more followers?!


So you’ve made a twitter account for your business, Now what? Twitter is a great tool for promoting your business but many people find themselves saying, “OK, now how do I get more followers?” is a great (and FREE) service that analyzes your last 199 tweets to see how effective they were and suggests when you should be tweeting. While it had occurred to me what I was tweeting […]

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Social Media – Don’t forget your water wings

Have you just started to dip your toes into the social media waters? If so, then you’ve probably experienced the tsunami effect. There are countless social media channels and so many ways to connect that you can get swept away by its shear magnitude. However, ignoring the benefits of learning Twitter, Linked In and Facebook is not going to help you be more effective in business. If you want to improve sales […]

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