CRM Can Be Key for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management systems can have immense benefits for small businesses, even where only a few staff are directly involved with the customers. Some small businesses don’t want to invest in in-house CRM systems, especially if it  involves equipment upgrades and an increased in IT staff. By their very nature, small businesses have limited staff and resources. CRM processes can help build your business by strengthening your customer relationships and bringing in new customers. Fortunately, software-as-a-Service […]

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Email Marketing: Do it right or don’t bother.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available to small and medium business. It helps companies maintain strong relationships that translate into long-term customer loyalty and increased sales revenue. Nurture campaigns keep your brand and your services top-of mind, making it more likely for your customers and prospects to buy from you than from your competitors. Sending an email is just the end result of successful email […]

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Three Small Business Marketing Ideas with Legs


Retweeting your PDFs After the effort of writing that whitepaper, case study, or eBook, wouldn’t it be great if it could grow legs and walk? Of course you have a call to action and, naturally, visitors flock to your landing page to download and savor your outstanding content. Your reader may share your content with a colleague or friend and email them a link or a copy. But, wouldn’t it […]

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Lucy Leads Explains It All for You


Introducing Lucy Leads, the newest member of the On the Verge staff. She’s been created – er,  hired – to share up-to-the-minute updates, tips, tricks and assistance. View Lucy’s video as she outlines some of the hot new features that can help improve business processes and shorten the sales cycle. We’re anticipating the new product release this fall, when we can take ACT! 2011 through its paces and see how […]

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