Why Are You Sending Me This Email? 3 X 3 Email Marketing Strategies


Your email inbox is filled to overflowing with unread messages.  Everyone’s is. And everyday we play the game of figuring out what to read and what to delete.  So, imagine how much it costs in wasted time and lost opportunities when that happens to your email campaigns! How can you turn it around? For starters, don’t ask  “How?”,  ask “Why?” As in, “Why would someone read my message?”  “Because I want them to sell […]

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Measuring the Success of Email Marketing


Email has become a virtually ubiquitous part of daily life for most of the population for communicating with every from personal contacts to business connections. Because email has become so popular, many organizations now have an email marketing strategy in place. Email marketing can be a cost effective tool to reach perspective clients and a touch point to keep existing clients engaged. Although email marketing is cost effective, it is […]

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