Why is it so Difficult to Communicate?

Most of us think of ourselves as good communicators. If there is a problem, it’s the person on the other end of the conversation, not us. However, most of the time we don’t even think about the difficulties in communication. We just presume everything we say (write, email, tweet, …) is understood just the way we intended. And, usually, we think that we’ve perfectly understood what we’ve been told or […]

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Here’s how you fix outbound calling

Calling sales leads could be an outdated tactic. But I don’t think that the problem is that outbound calling doesn’t work – it’s that it’s usually done so poorly. When OBC doen’t work, there’s no shortage of finger pointing: a sales rep thinks  management is clueless about the effort it takes to set appointments; his manager thinks the sales rep isn’t making enough calls; they both think that the lead list […]

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Gamification: Manage Your Sales Leads for Fun and Profit

Gamification of CRM

Don’t get me wrong: following your sales leads is serious business. Paychecks, cash flow, and your company’s future depend on strong sales. But there’s growing evidence that one of the best ways to inspire a sales team–keep them motivated, aggressive, and hungry–is to feed them some fun. We know that selling has changed in the digital age –  but it’s still about relationships, and that’s what your sales guys and […]

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Dazzle your sales leads with assignment selling

Assignment selling to manage your sales leads

Content and your sales leads You no doubt understand the value of great content as a marketing tool, but if you’re like most sales people, you underestimate the value it brings to the sales process. You’ve got an information magnet on your website or blog and it’s doing its job attracting visitors and converting some of them to leads. We know that  buyers go online to find solutions to their […]

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