Tutorial – Organize Zoho CRM Tabs with Groups

Tab Group Details

Group tabs is a handy Zoho CRM feature (Enterprise edition); use it to manage user access to the various modules. Using Group tabs, only the relevant tabs (aka Modules) will be available to the users who need them, based on their profile. For example, assign only sales-related tabs to the inside sales team. Here’s how: Go to Setup > Customization > Tab Groups. Click Create Tab Group. Step One Enter a Group Name. Select the tabs from the Available List. Use […]

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Zen and the Art of CRM Training

CRM Training Zen

Zen and the Art of CRM Training Visualization can be a powerful method to help you achieve goals. Want your CRM implementation to succeed? Here’s a twist – you can be successful by imagining failure. I know that’s counter-intuitive; stay with me. I’ve used a variation of this idea in planning sessions (e.g.”Let’s talk about what could go wrong with the project:”) with some success. But now I know I […]

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Free SEO Tools for WordPress

yoast seo

You’re either using WordPress or considering using it for your website or blog. Right? It isn’t the only solution for managing a modern website that attracts viewers, but it is one of the best. One the reasons WordPress is so good is because there are many themes and plugins (including these free SEO plugins) that you can add to extend the power of the software. And although you might need some […]

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Backup, Share, Restore Your Files. What’s your Plan?

Avoid a data disaster

You need a data disaster recovery plan. We all do. How about a way to recover a previous version of a file when you screw up the current version? What happens to your irreplaceable data if the office is flooded or lost in a fire? Of course, disaster isn’t the only concern about file management. You also may need a way to share files with with others, and, increasingly, we have […]

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