5 Big Ideas to Grow Business with Email Marketing

Effective emails are targeted

Email is still the primary communication for most businesses and consumers. A recent MarketingSherpa survey found that the majority of consumers prefer to be contacted via email, and a HubSpot statistic indicates that 66% of U.S. consumers buy as a result of email marketing. Those are persuasive metrics that indicate we need to make the effort to do it right. Let me share five Big Ideas on how to maximize your efforts and marketing ROI. Big Idea 1 […]

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Zoho Campaigns Helps You Connect

Zoho Campaigns Report Summary

A second chance to make a first impression You write compelling subject lines and send relevant emails. You know your subscribers and send offers that fit their needs. But the truth is, not every email will be opened. Sometimes, your subject line won’t hit the mark. Sometimes successful engagement comes down to timing. If you have a Zoho Campaigns account you get to to circle back in the same campaign – and […]

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Email best practice: 3 tips from the pros

A/B testing - don't guess. Test.

Looking for expert information about email best practices ? Here are 3 great sources. Offer something of value “Be their helpful ambassador, not their slimy salesperson.” Back when the interwebs and emails were still fresh, new, and exciting, people used to say “Content is king.” Cranking out content was accepted as an email best practice. And it resulted in a lot of bad copy being fired around the world like […]

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Databases and Holiday Cards. Bah, Humbug.

Holiday Lists Data Segmentation

The annual holiday card fire drill is about to start for companies who – once again – failed to get their database houses in order. Here’s what happens every November at far too many businesses: Lists are printed Spreadsheets get distributed Sales people are distracted from selling Managers are frazzled The broken system stays broken Happy holidays! If this happens each year at your company, vow that this is the […]

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